Challenge: Improving Employee Education

WR Grace, a Fortune 500 chemical and specialty manufacturing company, sought to improve internal communications and their employee development process. These goals were developed after an internal survey of over 6,500 employees was taken and subsequent focus groups were conducted over one and a half years. Grace contracted Estco in partnership with Strategic Partners, Inc., (SPI) to design and develop an extranet application that would allow Grace employees to learn more about the company's core values and provide them with courses to help further their careers.

Solution: Giving Employees the Chance to Grow

To achieve Grace's first goal, Estco and SPI integrated the company's core values into courses highlighting management targeted communication skills. To achieve the second, Estco and SPI developed an online curriculum outlining the internal employee development process in several core competencies. The Grace Learning Center includes online schedules and overviews of employee training sessions and seminars, recommended readings, and interactive strategy guides listing on-the-job activities that employees can participate in to upgrade their abilities. To complete the first phase of the site, Estco also added an online version of Grace's tape rental library that serves as a resource for employees looking to learn new skills.

Results: Better Employees Creates a Better Work Environment...For Everyone

The Grace Learning Center now permits employees to increase their skill set online, increasing their value to the company. Utilizing this tool, employees can learn new skills at their own pace and more likely advance within the company at an accelerated rate. This accomplishes Grace's goal of providing more information and resources to their employees, while increasing corporate communication and employee satisfaction. The site launch also included the development of print and online training manuals. Estco and SPI are currently developing the next phase of the Grace Learning Center which is slated to include interactive discussion forums, multimedia courses, and streaming video broadcasts.

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