Bringing A New Face to an Old Friend

PBS Online, the digital supplement for the organization that millions of Americans have come to know as an oasis for cultural and artistic information, contracted Estco to redesign their seasonal pressroom and New Perspectives on The West websites after Estco created the online presence for several PBS documentaries. PBS Online desired a new appearance for these sites. This website is responsible for upholding the digital end of the high creative and educational standards imposed by PBS's outstanding reputation. PBS Online's pressroom, viewable at, illustrates how a new look can cultivate and sustain interest.

Creativity That Will Keep Them Coming Back for More

PBS Online's priorities are simple - to create sites that are equally artistically interesting as they are intellectually stimulating. They wanted their diverse viewer population to have extensive pressroom access as well as be enticed by a striking graphic design. During the development of these and other projects, Estco discussed imaginative ideas that would allow the visitors to link up with information about new programming on PBS. Estco also applied their custom design and illustration experience to create websites that allow viewers to take online quizzes in real time, download wallpaper designs, and use interactive elements that record noteworthy events in the life of the subjects, including an interactive tour. Streaming audio and video content was also added to enhance the entertainment elements of the website.

Ingenious Designs Can Increase Traffic

This new site allows visitors to interact with the program and therefore heightens interest and increases the chance of re-visitation to the site. In recent conversations between Estco and PBS Online, it was confirmed that visits to the pressroom have increased since Estco has taken over the design. Jennifer Sale, PBS web editor, complimented Estco by mentioning that the site was completed in "record time" and that Estco was "so easy to work with."

Estco is an interactive development firm, based in Bethesda, MD, that combines the latest in technology with strategic consulting and cutting-edge graphic design. Estco has provided solutions for leading companies and non-profit organizations such as PBS, The Cleveland Clinic, Fleishman-Hillard, and Aspect Medical Systems.

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