Situation: The Cleveland Clinic's Division of Anesthesiology asks patients to respond to a pre-operative questionnaire, which helps staff members to assess risk levels prior to surgery. In the past, the questioning was conducted either verbally or via a touch screen kiosk, located in the clinic. In recent years, administrators were looking for a way to allow patients to answer the questionnaire via the Internet to avoid them having to make an additional trip back to the hospital. The Clinic contacted Estco Technology Group and asked them to implement an Internet-based application with the ability to collect, process and securely store patient records.

Challenge: The legacy HealthQuest system had been in use at the Clinic for several years. Making changes to the existing interface would require retraining hospital administrators, which would not be time or cost efficient. Estco Technology Group programmed the interface thus allowing patients to use their keyboard or mouse to answer questions from the privacy of their home while maintaining the option of utilizing the touch-screen kiosks at the clinic. The most advanced security technology and encryption standards were met to ensure that their patients' private information would be protected.

Project Highlights: Estco Technology Group developers designed a state-of-the-art web-based application that is easily deployable and easy to administrate. Estco Technology Group ensured the application could sufficiently handle various computer applications and stress levels as well as the 50,000 users that were expected to utilize the program. The design took less than three months.

Results: The Cleveland Clinic is an internationally recognized facility that treats patients from around the world. The new HealthQuest application has helped The Clinic staff quickly attend to patients' needs as well as expedite patient paperwork. The system's extensive security features ensure that patients' personal information is safe from hackers and other unauthorized persons.

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