Challenge: Marketing Medical Devices on the Information Superhighway

Arrow International, Inc., a world leading manufacturer of catheterization products and medical devices, sought to create a more knowledgeable market base for one of their latest devices, the Hemosonic monitor. To do this, Arrow contracted Estco Technology Group to design and develop an interactive promotional channel integrated with their corporate web site. The Hemosonic site would also serve as an educational channel, providing clinical information, clinician education, and notifications of product demonstrations and related publications. Arrow International's site for the Hemosonic is viewable at

Solution: Sharing Information to Create an Educated Market Base

Arrow International approached Estco with two specific goals in mind. First, Arrow sought to promote their new product in an easy to navigate, interactive environment. Second, Arrow wished to provide clinical resources and educate clinicians about the benefits of their device. To achieve these goals Estco first provided Arrow with strategic consulting and design services to help them launch their interactive marketing campaign. Second, Estco developed an educational curriculum integrating clinical information into the site such as case studies and clinical notes. Estco was careful to create an easily navigable site with all the information clearly categorized for optimum use.

Results: The Growing Trend with Medical Device Companies

Arrow International now has the ability to grow a large and well-informed clinician market with this site. The site permits clinicians to use the case studies and other information to determine safety and risk factors, allowing for more informed use of the device and ultimately, improved patient care. Arrow International was impressed by Estco's success with the Hemosonic site and negotiations are in process to help build an interactive marketing and education strategy for other Arrow products.

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