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How we see what others don't
Our proprietary approach to interactive provides a holistic picture of needs, requirements, insights, challenges, risks, and opportunities. Click here to explore our Interactive Model. Interactive Model
User-Centered Methodology
The concept of User Centered Design is the focal point of our entire methodology. At all points during the lifecycle of an interactive project — before and after each milestone and inherent in every deliverable — we concentrate on the audience for whom the communication is designed.
Project Methodology
One leading practice that keeps us focused on the user is the creation and application of User Personas. A user persona is a model of user goals, attitudes, and behaviors, developed by utilizing existing research, conducting new research, and interacting with real users. Each persona portrays an authentic ?person? who represents a customer segment, presented in a vivid, narrative description. Personas enable swift, efficient, and sound decision-making throughout the design phase by allowing content, features, and functionality to be proposed based on the needs of target users.

See what Forrester Research has to say about our persona work.
Delivering Greate Creative
Our creative development process is based on leveraging insights into the brand, marketing, and target users, rather than simply employing arbitrary design styles. We dimensionalize these insights for concepting and leverage user personas to ensure the designs are aligned with a deep understanding of the audience.
Creative Approach
Building Real-time System
Blending imagination, know-how, rigor, and passion, our technologists seek to create transactional experiences that can be the strategic weapons of the boardrooms of the digital economy.

We apply our deep, broad, and — frankly — awesome technical expertise to:
Transforming and integrating your legacy systems into user-friendly transactional experiences
Designing systems and processes that improve the efficiency of your business by accelerating transactions, increasing accuracy, and streamlining processing and manipulation of data
Building internal technology systems that help employees access key information, share knowledge, and learn new skills, accelerating the process of their work and building collaboration across your company
Constructing Internet standards-based systems that allow you to establish one-on-one relationships with customers through customer intelligence programs, data warehousing, and customer response and service systems

Our dynamic approach leads to business transformation from the inside out — from business strategy and operations to your brand experience. We work with you to imagine, build, operate, and improve; creating new ways to do business.
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