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Extended Sensor Application
  XP Pediatric Sensor


  • Place the BIS sensor on the patient’s forehead – as instructed on the BIS sensor package – to begin monitoring.
  • To do so, open the Sensor Package by pulling on the tabs. Do not cut the package.

BIS Pediatric Patient Prep

  • Wipe the skin with alcohol and dry
Pediatric Placement

BIS Pediatric Sensor Application

  • Apply the sensor on the forehead as shown
    • Position Circle #1 at the center of the forehead, approximately one-and-a-half inches (4 cm) above the nose
    • And, position Circle #3 on the temple area between the corner of the eye and the hairline
  • Press the edges of the sensor to ensure adhesion, circling all 3 electrode circles to seal in the gel.
  • Using your fingertip, firmly press each circle for 5 seconds to ensure proper contact
  • To ensure optimal accuracy and performance of the BIS, it is important to use this sensor placement technique


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