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Signal Status Region
Monitor with Signal Status Window
  • The signal status Region – provides information on the integrity of the EEG signal used for BIS calculation
    • The Signal Quality Index, or SQI – Indicates the quality of the EEG signal over the last 60 seconds. It’s optimal when the bar extends to the far right. As SQI decreases, the BIS numeric display changes from a solid to an outlined number, prompting a check of the sensor patient connection
    • The Electromyograph Indicator, or EMG – Indicates the presence of muscle activity or other high-frequency artifacts. It’s optimal when the bar is empty.
    • The EEG Waveform Display, or EEG – Shows the real-time EEG. Filtered EEG waveforms are displayed with a sweep rate of 25 millimeters per second and a scale of 25 microvolts per division, but can be changed,
    • Suppression Ratio, or SR – gives you an indication of the existence of an isoelectric EEG condition. It indicates the % of time over the last 63 seconds that the EEG signal is suppressed or isoelectric. The higher the SR value, the more suppressed the EEG. SR is helpful in drug-induced coma management

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