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BIS Range Guidelines
XP Monitor and Guidelines
  • The ICU BIS Range Guidelines are included in the set of pocket cards that accompany the A-2000 BIS XP Monitor.
  • The BIS Index is a single number, ranging from 0 to 100, and scaled to correlate with important clinical endpoints during the administration of sedative agents.
  • Various places within the BIS range guidelines may be ideal targeted ranges based on different treatment goals for your patient at different points during care.
  • Awake, alert patients will have BIS values in the 90’s. With light sedation, the BIS will generally descend into the 70’s and 80’s.
  • A BIS value below 60 indicates an extremely low probability that the patient will recall unpleasant events.
  • BIS readings in the 20’s and 30’s indicate very deep sedation.
  • BIS values below 20 correlate with patterns of burst suppression,
  • And at a reading of zero, with an isoelectric EEG.

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