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See your business how you always imagined it

WHITTMANHART Consulting can help you see your business in the way you always knew it could be. Through the implementation and optimization of enabling technologies, we can help transform your business into a productive, effective, sector-leading organization by reducing your business costs, increasing your controls, and improving your resource management.
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Industry Verticals - Strength Behind our Solution
WHITTMANHART Consulting approaches our practice solutions in a unique way. Instead of trying to spread our expertise broadly, we concentrate our efforts sharply on industry verticals in order to provide you with exceptional industry and technology knowledge.
By matching our relationship with our strategic partners with the industry expertise of our practice professionals, we are able to transform their commoditized technology tools into laser-focused solutions customized to your industry vertical. Industry Verticals
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Migration Factory: Experience, Speed, and Control in a Box
With WHITTMANHART's Migration Factory solution, your enterprise migration can be accomplished faster and with a higher degree of confidence. Our automated approach allows simultaneous migrations of thousands of mailboxes at one time. We recently completed a global migration of 12,000 users and mailboxes across 60 countries in less than six months. And, our factory controls allow for little to no impact on users.
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