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John F. Estafanous, JD
JD, Co-Founder, President

Mr. Estafanous has extensive experience in developing commercial, database driven software applications for the medical community. Mr. Estafanous is an experienced consultant with over 11 years of experience in the healthcare IT industry and extensive knowledge of product development and technology cycles. Mr. Estafanous’ applications are currently in use at over seven hospitals and include customized solutions for data mining and legacy systems interfacing. His custom designed touch screen applications have been used by tens of thousands of users and his customized customer service applications have been used extensively by hospital quality control staff. Mr. Estafanous has also developed prototype touch-screen, handheld, wireless lan applications and several product demonstrations. He has served as a Product Manager at APACHE Medical Systems, Vienna, VA, and has consulted on Internet Application development for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, and Aspect Medical Systems in Needham, Massachusetts.

Mr. Estafanous graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in August, 1999 with a focus on intellectual property and cyberspace law.

Heather Kagin
Co-Founder, Operations Director

Heather is a co-founder of Estco and has been handling all internal operations and project management. Heather has successfully managed over 25 projects over the past two years at Estco and has led project management workshops at American University. Heather has been an integral part of such successful sites as PBS Online’s seasonal pressroom, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation’s Anesthesia sites, and Aspect Medical Systems’ corporate presence.

Seth Berger
Co-Founder, Development Director

Mr. Seth Berger has worked as the Director of Knowledge Management for the Economic and Decision Analysis Center (EDAC) at The MITRE Corporation, a government contractor and think-tank. Mr. Berger developed applications to share and disseminate timely information used internally at MITRE. Mr. Berger also played an integral role at Creative Edge Software Inc., a multimedia and computer software corporation. He was a lead developer for a cutting edge multimedia software product being licensed in dozens of countries.

He has been featured in The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, as well as on CNBC, NBC, and CBS.


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